After spending a long time preparing for our journey to Cambridge, we, the students of the sixth form, were really looking forward to getting to see the country we had been learning about for so long, with our own eyes. On 9th October we finally arrived at London Stansted Airport accompanied by our teachers Ms. Andrea Leitner, Ms. Elena Ruml and Ms. Gabriela Siehs-Honzik. At first sight there didn’t seem to be a significant difference to Austria concerning the landscape. During our bus ride to Cambridge, however, it was a bit confusing at the beginning because people were driving on the left-hand side of the road. When we had reached our destination, we were shown around in the facilities of Stafford House, the school where we would be studying for the following week.
As we were all staying with host families, whose houses were not quite close to each other, we had to get to school by ourselves every morning. Even with the help of our smartphones, the bus system was oddly confusing so that there was always someone late! The afternoons were filled with some free time, where we would wander around in the charming town of Cambridge, gazing at the marvellous colleges and doing activities together such as the traditional punting on the river Cam, a tour through St. John’s College or the fascinating Evensong in the chapel of King’s College.
Yet, the excursions everybody had been probably looking forward to the most, were our trips to London on the weekend, where we witnessed the typical rainy weather of England. Apart from the pouring rain we could still enjoy our stroll through this lovely city, seeing famous sights like Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more, which we had only known from pictures before.
On the day before our departure, we were finally able to present the results of our hard work and research on certain topics in Cambridge. There we could make use of the advice our teachers had given us throughout the week and show our newly accomplished presentation skills in action. After a graduation ceremony and a final photo shoot, it was eventually time to say goodbye to Cambridge.

By Lea Scharinger, 6b

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