On Thursday, the 14th of February, we, the 4b class, went to Centro to cook some delicious food.
In the lessons before, we had already decided what we would like to cook. We brought the ingredients we needed and started cooking at 11 A.M. For every course we had a group that was responsible for the preparation.
The soup-team (Livia, Jana, Florian, Severin) began to cook their pumpkin-soup. Meanwhile, the dessert-group (Gabriel A., Stefan, Anna, Georg L.) prepared the brownie-batter.
After some time, the soup was ready and everybody found it really delicious.
Then the other teams started cooking. We had three kinds of tasty salads (Gabriel G., Mario), Chicken Tikka Masala (Laurenz, Lukas W.) pasta (Rafael, Simon, Lukas S.) and brownies and trifle for dessert. When someone needed help, the other group-members gave a hand. We had some professional dishwashers, too.
While everybody was cooking Gabriel A. and Simon took photos of the cooks and the food. The pictures are really funny.
When we were done with cooking, eating and cleaning, all of us were full, exhausted and happy. Our cooking day was very funny and cool.

Mag. Gertrude Hauer

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