Sprachwoche in Cambridge

Tuesday, October 3rd:

After a more or less comfortable flight, we landed save and sound at London Stansted Airport. After a half an hour ride to the North East of London we finally arrived at Cambridge. We stopped in front of the police department. Our first activity was a short orientation walk through the city centre. Then we went straight back to the coach which brought us to our host families. Although some of us had tiny troubles with the families’ homes, we went to sleep after our first “traditional” British dinner. In my case a delicious readymade meal.


Wednesday, October 4th:

The 6th form’s first school day abroad! In groups of 12 – 15 students, we had to prepare presentations about a topic related to England. In our “school”, a catholic church near the city centre, we either had so called classwork where we put together the collected information or fieldwork, which is basically running around in town, interviewing people and eating doughnuts. The highlight definitely was the rugby game we watched in the evening. It was a really thrilling match with lots of hard hits.


Thursday, October 5th:

The bus service was a disaster so we had several problems arriving at school punctually. We absolved classwork and fieldwork and met each other in front of Cambridge’s market for the Ghost Tour in the evening. That was a great experience that my mates and I really enjoyed. It was not that frightening but still very interesting when it comes to the history of Cambridge and its colleges.


Friday, October 6th:

We had classwork and fieldwork till’ 4 p.m. and then encountered at King’s College for the famous Even Song. For those among you who don’t know what this is, Even Song is a religious service with a breath-taking choir of boys and students. The good thing about it: we got to see King’s College from the inside for free. After that we had some free time to spend in town.


Saturday, October 7th:

On Saturday we split into 2 groups. One group went to Norwich and Yarmouth, the other one was watching a soccer game. The first group made some fantastic experiences at a traditional harvest celebration in Norwich and got the chance to go to the sea at Yarmouth. There was a huge pier with lots of different funny activities. On our way home we even met some guys who were coming back from the Oktoberfest in Norwich. Group 2, had great fun going against the home–fans and is now officially the first ever foreign fan club - that’s at least what the article on the away team’s homepage says.


Sunday, October 8th:

The sun is shining, no clouds in the sky and we are off to Ely, a lovely town not far away from Cambridge. After nearly all of us had fallen in love with the amazing landscape there, a tour in Oliver Cromwell’s House and a calm walk through the city, we had to catch a train back in order to make it to the College tour. Finally we went punting. Some of us had the opportunity to hang around at WT’s, a famous sports bar, to play pool and watch an American Football game on a big flat screen.


Monday, October 9th:

Presentation day. Every individual group had to present, what they were working on in a short presentation. Afterwards we had loads of free time to buy some souvenirs. We spent the last evening bowling and just enjoying ourselves!


Tuesday, October 10th

Ciao host families! Our plane took off at 13.15 p.m. and we arrived back home at eight. Although the journey was fine, every single one of us, was happy to sleep in his or her own bed again.


What an exciting trip! We all improved and learned a lot during this week.

Luca, Marcel, Niki

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